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Exercise and the right diet help keep testosterone levels elevated, and that spells LOVE MACHINE ... at any age!

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Everyone becomes irritable from time to time, but for some men, irritability can become a chronic condition. Take this quiz and find out if you suffer from IMS.

Dr. Larrian Gillespie made talking about male hormones, the male libido and serious men's health issues very comfortable. Even the part where we talked about "penis push-ups." I'm glad Dr. Gillespie has a real gift for addressing the "edgy" issues. She tells men like it is, and she made me aware that male hormones are very important in men's health and are very overlooked in our medical system and in the media. So I was glad we had a chance to present this topic." - KCOL Newsradio.

Irritable Male Syndrome

It's not just women who are susceptible to shifting hormones. Men's hormones pulsate hourly, compared with every 28 days for women.


Not in the Mood?

"Lower testosterone levels not only prevent sperm from winning an Olympic swim match but affect another hormone, serotonin, which is important in controlling your mood. The male who eats a low protein, low fat diet, deprives his brain of the ability to make serotonin, which results in depression (See Also: Low Testosterone can trigger male depression, from the Atlanta Business Chronicle) and even headaches. Low serotonin levels signal the thyroid to slow down your metabolism, which can cause tiredness, hair loss, weight gain and low sex drive. Stress and high carbohydrate diets add to this pyramid of hormonal imbalances." (Read more - order your copy of The Gladiator Diet)

It's now scientific fact. Middle-aged men go through a menopause, as women do. (Read news article posted on BBC)

"I am a 54 year old, in shape male with IC. Thank you for your wonderful, informative book. I am following your guidelines to the letter with excellent results. Thanks for all your help -- you saved my life." - JJ.

"Thank you! I have lost 48lbs. On this diet so far, and the weight loss continues at the rate of about 1 1/2 lbs. per week. I have followed the recommended exercise routines, ALL of them. I am losing weight naturally without endangering my health, my sex life has improved, and my over-all health is improving. My friends are asking what I am doing and I tell them to buy the book, Gladiator Diet. Because I am hypothyroid, I have always had a weight battle, no more! The diet has also made it easier to control my TSH values. My wife and I both thank you. By the way, my endocrinologist loves your book and is recommending it to his male patients. Thank you again!" --REH.

Moody Men

"Listen to these symptoms: irritability, depression, bloating, raging hormones. It's not premenstrual syndrome.They're actually symptoms of a condition that may affect millions of men."Gladiator Diet mentioned in the above news article, from NBCSanDiego.com. Read full story here, and also on: Healthwell.com, and Local6.com
Testosterone Levels Begin to Drop Long Before the age of 50 -Recent studies indicate that the age-associated decrease in circulating testosterone and increase in SHBG begin during the 3rd decade of life, and that increasing obesity, particularly central obesity, is associated with decreasing total testosterone and SHBG.
The CARDIA Male Hormone Study - Susan M. Gapstur, Peter H. Gann, Peter Kopp, Laura Colangelo, Christopher Longcope and Kiang Liu
The Gladiator Diet
It's the first book to give men (and women) powerful information, based upon the latest scientific research, that will help keep any man virile, energetic and fit.  Learn how and why...
  • carrying around a waistline of 42 inches or greater at ANY age doubles a man's risk of impotency, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, brittle bones and strokes. 
  • why just 10 pounds of extra body fat can lower his testosterone and sperm count 
  • why impotency can be a sign of heart disease 
  • how to eat like a warrior and banish a "Buddha Belly" caused by toxic stress and the wrong dietary advice 
  • which foods can preserve a youthful testosterone level 
  • the three signs that predict if a man will become disabled by age 70 
  • how to strengthen your erections and improve your sexual pleasure with "penis pushups" 
  • the latest information about testosterone replacement therapy 
Ancient Roman gladiators epitomized the ultimate male ... firm, fit and the object of adoring females. Although you don't need the "perfect physique" to be healthy, you still avoid endangering you life and the welfare of your family by being overweight.  Enter the arena for a healthier lifestyle with The Gladiator Diet.

"Want to save your man? Want him to see the grandkids, have enough energy and vitality to make life exciting and interesting? Men are well known for not taking care of themselves. In fact, the only thing that will get them to the doctor's office is when things stop working south of his beltline. Dr. Gillespie, in her book The Gladiator Diet, tells us how your guy's testosterone level is the key to his good health. After reading Gladiator, women will easily see how making a few changes in her guy's life will not only prolong his life, but make him feel better and have an active life. She spends time talking about the secrets of male sexual impotency. Millions of men are affected by impotency. This can have damaging effects for their relationships. The heart-break and frustration of male erectile dysfunction is very painful and often leads to depression and despair. The Gladiator Diet helps men, through natural, nutritional, and life-style changes, to regain their sexual selves and also lose weight! Every woman who loves her man should buy this book - it will help everyone!" -Matthews, NC, USA